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Replace your plastic roof with a new glass roof, change the way your conservatory looks, feels and sounds


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PROBLEM: Conservatory too hot with too much glare and gets incredibly cold that is hard to heat. You want the thermal efficiency but want to keep the openness of a a glass roof

If you are looking redesign your conservatory into a perfect place with space and light to relax in, this is for you.

If you want to add some extra space to your home, maybe for a kitchen, playroom, dining room or simply a room to that you can actually relax in more than a few times each year, then we have the answer.

We can now offer you the UK’s No. 1 conservatory roof system, Global. The Global aluminium and PVC-U conservatory roof system has been designed without compromise and tested to the highest standards, bringing you a solid, weather-proof conservatory system with exceptional thermal performance in a range of traditional and modern styles.

The No. 1 best selling conservatory roof system

By choosing a Global conservatory roof you are choosing the UK’s No. 1 roof system.

It has been engineered for your peace of mind and has been exhaustively tested to ensure that it is robust, durable and long lasting.

Using state-of-the-art design software, each Global roof
system is designed to take conservatories to the next level and is only limited by your imagination.

All Our roofs have been tested and have been passed by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Flexible Roof Design Includes Solar Controlled Glass

We include Solar Control coated glass for your conservatory roof. It’s primary function is to help prevent the build-up of heat during the hot summer months.

Special 2-way glass keeps the sun’s rays under control

Solar control glass can be used on our roofs to help prevent the build up of heat during the hot summer months. The coating on the glass helps reflect the heat from the sun back to the outside of the conservatory giving you a more comfortable and usable living space.

It’s special technology allows sunlight to pass through the roof while radiating and reflecting away a large degree of the sun’s heat. The indoor space stays bright and much cooler than would be the case if normal glass were used.

The glass is available in a range of tints which allows the glass to absorb more heat, whilst the coating reflects the heat back to the outside.

Regulated heat means reduced energy costs

Solar control glass can be used to keep interiors more comfortable by preventing excessive heat build up in sunny weather reducing the need for costly air conditioning or blinds.

As the coating on the glass helps reflect heat from the sun back to the outside atmosphere, giving a more comfortable and usable living space.

Solar control glasses also save money by reducing the amount of energy used by heating and air conditioning systems while boosting comfort levels inside the building by controlling indoor temperatures and light levels.

In summary, how a new glass conservatory roof can transform your conservatory

When your new conservatory roof is fitted with revolutionary glass, your newly transformed conservatory will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and a lot less noisy when it rains.

Even conservatories with old glass roofs will benefit from better thermal insulation and solar control properties. And thanks to the clever self-cleaning capabilities of the glass, you can be sure your beautiful new conservatory roof stays that way.

So if you are looking to upgrade your conservatory from a plastic to a glass roof or wish to create a new living space while keeping the light, then this solution is for you.

Cooler in Summer

Warmer in Winter

Thermaly Efficient

Fast Installation

5 Year Guarantee

Watch how in just 1 day we can transform yours

After years of installing we have it down to a fine art. Using your existing structure we install with the minimal fuss and disruption

Had these Guys around yesterday, discovered them on Facebook. Was a little apprehensive about contacting them as i had never heard of them and wasn’t sure how Genuine they were. Phoned them up for an approximate Quote which was no problem for them. No pressure to take quote any further. Contacted them a week or so later to get a proper measure up , again no pressure.
Decided two days later to go with the insulated roof, 3 days later they were installing the roof insulation.
I can only describe the whole service as outstanding.
Whole team are really friendly & very professional. The workmanship faultless and of the highest quality.
They left my conservatory cleaner than it was to start with and completed the job in about six hours. 
We could feel the difference in temperature that evening. It was around 5 ℃ outside and for the first time in 6 years we could leave the doors open into the house without the all to familiar cold drafts seeping in. I cannot thank or recommend Creative Conservatories enough for all their efforts. They even came over from Milton Keynes to Lincoln to do the job!! 

Well done, keep up the good work.

P.s , great sound proofing against the rain too


catherinCatherine Bailey
Catherine Bailey

Reasons To Invest Today In The UK’s No 1 Conservatory Glass Roof…

  • Solar control glass not only looks fantastic but performs more efficiently than conversion glass
  • Reflects heat from the sun to keep conservatory interiors cooler
  • Less need for costly air conditioning or unsightly blinds for maximum light and a feeling of space
  • An energy efficient way to keep interiors cooler with energy savings as high as 50% as compared with ordinary glass
  • Filters uncomfortable glare from the sun, whilst letting in lots of natural light
  • Minimises deafening rain noise, as well as the wind, leaves and wildlife
  • The UV protection prevents upholstery and interiors from fading
  • Self-cleaning coating uses rain water to keep your glass beautifully clean all year round
  • Gives an old, tired looking conservatory a new lease of life that lasts
  • Long lasting product, rated No 1 on the UK market
  • 5 Year guarantee on all workmanship
  • 10 year guarantee on materials

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Replace your plastic roof with a new glass roof, change the way your conservatory looks, feels and sounds

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